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About us...


Over professional peregrinations, as well as meetings, we have been invited to transgress our prime universe « the normand's alcohol » to submerge into another one, the one of salts.

Everything started from a lively dicussion (we can even say a bet) with one of our customer friend about a tiny flask in glass that we could filled up with distinctive aromatisated salts and launch it as a brand.


After few attempts, the path as made is work (french quotes), leading to the wedding of the most beautiful IGP salt designation, the one of Guérande, associated with local or regional spices evocative of faraway countries.


The salterns of Guérande, the most northerly of Europe offers an exceptional environment. We have magnified it here and there with algae (sea lettuce, Dulse, Nori) coming from the breton branch or evene with tomatoe pouder from Dordogne... Our other assembly are unite.

From this delightful adventure is born SELENVER.

Sélenver is a register brand, affliated to Doz de Dauzanges company since 2013.

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